March 31, 2016


Control & Solutions (I) Pvt Ltd (CSIL) is a knowledge-based company working in the field of automation of process industries, providing consultancy and training for total automation. The company carries out the system and application programming and provide total solution to the Instrumentation problems.

Our Vision :

Our Vision is supported and enhanced by a world-class team of business strategists, information architects, project stewards, technologists, creative directors and researchers – enables CSIL to apply an unparalleled mix of intellect and experience to solve client problems and successfully guide him through process related problems and initiatives.

Our Mission :

We believe in rigorous planning at the outset of every project with critical assessment and provide our clients, detail blueprints and actionable development plans. CSIL’s unique, simple approach enables to lead clients through a clear, objective process of definition, and to serve as trusted advisors through all aspects of the implementation process

CSIL Offers Services In The Following Areas :

  • Basic & Detail Engineering in Instrumentation and Process Control.
  • Turnkey projects and the project management.
  • Software development for DCS, PLC and SCADA projects.
  • Projects related to remote monitoring and DAS.
  • Installation and commissioning.
  • LT Panels.
  • On-site Training – on Instrumentation and Process Control.

CSIL Main Activities Are:

  • Power Sector: Automatic Meter Recording for Substation Automation.Process Control.
  • Substation Automation.
  • Data Acquisition Systems.
  • Safety & Security through SMSGSM GPRS.
  • Communication Systems.
  • SCADA PLC related projects.

SCADA  and  HMI  Programming

  • Developement of Graphics
  • Developement of Alarms History And Event Screens
  • Development of Scripts
  • Development of Reports
  • Developement of 21 CFR part 11 Caplient Software
  • Tag Database
  • Dynamics & testing
  • Communicater Screens

 DCS & PLC Programming

  • Configuration Of Software Capablw with IEC-61131-3 Standards
  • Simulation and Testing