March 31, 2016

Report Manager

Report Manager is an user friendly Report Package used for generating Process Reports . It is compatible with sources like….CSV files database, Access database, SQL Server database, PI DataLink and Matrikon OPC Excel Reporter etc.  It is compatible with all MS Office excel applications and Operating system like XP, Windows-7 or later etc. Report Manager can be installed on any network computer and can access source database residing on any network computer.

 The Following types of reports are generated with Report Manager.

  • Periodic  Report: Generates the report at predefined time schedules such as Hourly,  Shift, Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly.
  •  Event  Report: Generates the report at the instance of occurrence of predefined event.
  •  Batch  Report: Generates Batch Report between Batch Start and End Times.
  •  On Demand Report: Allows generation of report manually between user defined start and end  time.
  • On-Date:Generates a report as configured in Periodic Report  configuration for the specific date.
  •  To-Date:Generates a report  as  configured in Periodic Report configuration until the time of activation of  To-date report.
  • Custom:Generates report between specified start and end time. The Custom Report also allows printing of summary data such as Average, Total, Minimum and Maximum values.

 Features :

  • General:  The user friendly “Report Manager” program can be installed on any computer in Network of Process Control and SCADA system. Thus allowing Report Program and Source Databases to be located/distributed in different computers in network.
  • OS & MS Office Compatibility: Report Manager is suitable for all MS OFFICE excel applications and Operating system like XP, Windows7 and later etc.
  • Type of Reports:  Allows the generation of Reports like…Custom, On Demand (on-date & To-date) , Periodic, Batch and Event Reports.
  • Database Sources:  Report Manager is compatible with Sources like…CSV files database, Access file database, SQL Server database, PI Data Link, Matrikon OPC Excel Reporter etc.
  • PDF &  Excel  Format:   Reports are generated both in Excel as well as PDF format.
  • Built-in Periodic Scheduler:   Absolutely no need to configure a separate Scheduler.
  • Chart Printing:  Chart can be printed at pre-configured location for selected data table cell range including Title row. Both X and Y axis data are configurable.
  • Alarm and Event Printing:  Alarm & Event list for the can be printed at pre-defined location with the option to filter the selected tags records.
  •  Maximum Tag Limit:   Maximum over 5000 Tags can be configured in Report Manager.
  •  Report File Consolidation:  Reports generated at different time can be consolidated into single consolidated report file having same Template name.
  • Report distribution on over 25 Network Computers: Generated reports are stored on Local as well as on over 25 other Computer in the network, thus providing redundancy in storage and distribution of generated reports to the selected computers.
  • Database Security:  Auto Data recovery feature of Report Manager recovers the original data of CSV and Access/SQL database, if modified by user, thereby providing secured and protected source database.