April 1, 2016

Sugar Plant

Projects in Sugar Plant handled by CSIL:

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Case Study:

 Moharani Sugar Plant- Kenya

In this sugar we have automized all the plants,Boiler Section-3 Elements control Water level SteamMill Section-Zero Mill canePan Section-PAN A,PAN B,PAN C,Juice Heater,Brix control,pH control-pH control,Oz analyzer,PRDS,controlling we have done using PCS and monitoring SCADA system

Automation systems for Sugar Plant

  • Auto Cane Feed Control System (DCS/PLC/CONVENTIONAL)
  • Milling Control System (DCS/PLC/CONVENTIONAL)
  • Mill Over load Control System (DCS/PLC/CONVENTIONAL)
  • Mill D. Chute Flapper Control (DCS/PLC).
  • Imbibitions Control System (DCS/PLC/).
  • Differential Pressure Control System (DCS/PLC/).
  • Automation of PAN Feed Control System (DCS/PLC/).
  • Boiler Automation Control System (DCS/PLC/).
  • Auto Lime Dosing System (DCS/PLC/).
  • Temperature Indicator.
  • Roller Lift Indicator (Digital).
  • System Flow Meter cum Totalizer.
  • Water Flow Meter With Totalizer.
  • Juice Flow Stabilization System (DCS/PLC/).
  • Automation of P.R.D Station (DCS/PLC/).
  • Automation of De-Super Heating System.
  • Automation of Molasses receiving Tank (PLC/DCS based Three Loop Control System)
  • Condensate Water Conductivity Control System.
  • Mill House Bearing Temp. Indicating System.
  • Centrifugal Machine Automation (DCS/PLC).