Projects handled by Cierto Control And Solutions in Gas Detection:

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Case Study:

Cierto Control And Solutions satisfactorily fulfilled the client’s requirement by installing INDUSOFT SCADA.

The system consisted of one main server i.e. engineering PC with engineering and runtime key and two other stations – one software PC and the other one is the network PC having runtime key. The Network PC is connected to 5 other web clients over LAN for remote viewing. The 2 web servers along with the engineering PC are further connected to two phases each phase consisting of CIU (Computer Interface Unit) and FIU (Field Interface Unit). The first phase consists of 90 gas detectors and the second phase consists of 60 gas detectors. The gas detectors are connected to the FIU, which is connected to the PC’s through CIU over Modbus link The redundancy requirement is provided using LAN Teaming Protocol i.e. whenever one of the web server goes down the other takes over because of Teaming Protocol. Any changes made in the application on the engineering PC are updated in both the web servers with the help of inbuilt execution environment. The communication between the detectors and the PC’s is established over MODBUS TCP/IP.


GAIL (INDIA) LTD. had a requirement for modern monitoring and control system for their Gas Detection Plant in Guna, Madhya Pradesh. Cierto Control And Solutions successfully automated the plant. The main component of the system was Supervisory control and data acquisition system.

The Challenge:

GAIL required a system to acquire data and control the same from the field instruments like gas detectors. The prime requirement in this project was to provide them with redundancy along with cost effective and round the clock reliable system.

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