Indian Aluminum Company Limited (INDAL), Navi Mumbai:

Indian Aluminium Company, Limited (INDAL), an Aditya Birla Group Company, has been a forerunner of the aluminium industry in India. Established in 1938, Indal operates across the value chain from bauxite mining to alumina refining, smelting and rolling.

The Challenge :

Indusoft is installed in Recycyle as well as New Remelt process. In Indal Ltd. Navi Mumbai the requirement was to monitor & control the data of two Allen Bradely PLC of different series with Data Acquisition System.

The Solution given :

Cierto Control And Solutions installed Indusoft Web Studio software to communicate those two different series PLC’s of Allen Bradely, one of them was Micrologix 1200 & other was SLC 500 family. Those two PLC’s connected to each other by Allen Bradely’s Standard data cable. By using RSlogix, the PLC programming software, the different device ID’s were given to those PLC. e.g Micrologix 1200 device ID was one & SLC 500 ID was 2.

To establish the communication between those PLC’s Cierto Control And Solutions used the Indusoft’s built in driver for Allen Bradely PLC’s named ABKE with DF1 protocol. By using this driver now Indal Ltd. people can simultaneously monitor & control the data of both those PLC. e.g. they can change the Set Points, they can change Alarm Limits from Indusoft Web Studio.

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