CMRI (Common Meter Reading Instrument) :

Nelco Ltd. Navi Mumbai:

Nelco manufactures supervisory control and data-acquisition systems for energy management, load dispatch, and distribution and sub-station automation. It is also into V-SAT based communication networks for the Tata Group. It provides turnkey solutions based on SC & AC drives, and automation for the metal industry.

The company specializes in real-time software activities, and caters to diverse market segments, such as the steel and metal industry, energy management, railways, and the oil and gas sectors. It has recently made forays into the defense sector.

The Challenge :

The requirement of client was to monitor the data of Energy Meters as well as of CMRI (Common Meter Reading Instrument) & create the energy audit reports for the same. The same application used for 33 different locations.

The Solution:

Cierto Control And Solutions gave them the solution by using Indusoft Web Studio. The energy meters used were having communication facility with Modbus protocol. Those meters were connected to each other by multidroping method.

As Indusoft having built in Modbus protocol to communicate with those meters, RS 485 to RS 232 converter used to establish the communication.

All the meters connected to each other had a individual device/station ID for Identifying purpose. e.g. 1,2,3 etc.

After establishing the communication between the meters & Indusoft, the energy audit reports were created with help of ODBC connectivity & Visual Basic programming software (VB).

By using ODBC functionality Indusoft can send or retrieve the data from the Databases like SQL, Oracle, Ms-Access. In this application the Indusoft used ODBC connectivity with Ms-Access. The data from Indusoft stored in Ms-Access ,same database used by VB program for the calculations which were part of the Energy Audit reports.

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