Projects in Energy Management handled by Cierto Control And Solutions:

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Remote monitoring

Cierto Control And Solutions provides continuous monitoring for unmanned pump stations and lift stations via remote connections that can use TCP/IP by monitoring facilities via wireless radio modems, point-to-point networks or even satellite connections. Remote monitoring with InduSoft Web Studio software keeps city workers efficient, allowing them to send information to a central facility to monitor tank levels, oxygen levels, flow rates and alarms.


The security system built into InduSoft Web Studio has the ability to monitor user access, log maintenance records, and track changes to set points and adjustments. It also treats threats to vital city services with respect and caution. Having the knowledge and assurance that everyone involved has done what they were supposed to do will allow you to focus on the more important issues such as improving operations and product quality. EPA regulatory data collection and reporting are easily accomplished via InduSoft Web Studio.

Pump Monitoring

By trending pump efficiencies (inputs, outputs and power consumed), predictions can be made as to how long they will last and foresee when they will fail. InduSoft Web Studio can graphically show trend data over long periods of time so you know when pumps are operating and make adjustments that can save energy by operating pumps at off-peak times. InduSoft Web Studio is able to monitor pump availability, starts/stops, capacity limits and total runtimes all in one software.


Hundreds of miles/kilometers of pipes and underground distribution systems can be a lot to manage. Reduce the headache and let InduSoft products simplify the task. Reliable solutions, remote flexibility and decreased costs are all provided by real-time information applications created with InduSoft Web Studio.

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